Mentality of Doing Difficult Things.

I had a really good conversation about the art of ‘Doing Difficult Things’ with Marko Lauhiala.

He’s a founder, a CEO and CTO of a startup but now he’s also a long distance runner. He’s shares the story of how he started running as an exercise to get fit and later found himself becoming obsessed with it.

After deciding that he would not run in the winter – understandable, given that he lives in Finland – Marko found himself not only starting to run in the winter but actually embracing the cold, dark and gloomy conditions.

‘Your mind does change and it becomes comfortable with the uncomfortable.’

Marko told me he has now reached the point where he wakes up in the morning and actually looks for uncomfortable things to put himself through.

I like that. Not sure I’m quite there yet, but I like it.

Full episode available to listen below. The running story starts around 21 mins in.

Hear the full conversation on the podcast: