Human Behavior From Brains of Mice

This week I have my first guest on the podcast. His name is Leo Khirug. He’s a scientist from Russia. He studies brains. He’s very interesting.

“It’s sort of unsettling and scary to see how similar we are to other animals in many respects – not just biophysically or anatomically but also psychologically.”

Here are some of the other things that Leo said which is obvious… if you notice it!

“Some people are much more aware and conscious about the way their bodies and their minds work and they seem to master this process much better. Others behave more like the animals we would say, in that everything is pre-determined by genes, by previously acquired reflexes and instinctive behaviours.
When I look around and I look at myself, I’m amazed how much of it is going on in the background, unconsciously, automatically in the zombie kind of style.”

Thank you Leo!

Hear the full conversation on the podcast: