Corporate World to Entrepreneurship

“A lot of people, when they start a business they will throw themselves into getting out there doing the marketing, ‘I must get clients, I must get leads.’ Stop for a minute, get yourself a cup of tea. And write down your vision. What is it that you want? Your one fulfilled life with your business – what do you want it to look like?”

On this episode of the podcast, Tracey Tait ☕ talks about the new entrepreneur’s need for speed and urgency and marketing and growth and hacking and clients and leads.. and sometimes forgetting to notice the obvious, which is to clearly identify what their one fulfilled business life looks like.

If you know Tracey, you will know that all good advice begins with, getting a cup of tea first.

As for the actual advice, you might have missed it because it was so obvious. So let me repeat it: Your vision must be clearly written down.

Hear the full conversation on the podcast: